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AI Powered 3D Asset Creation

Use the NeuralAI dApp to transform textual prompts or images into vivid 3D assets. Simply describe or show your vision and our application will produce a detailed 3D model exportable to industry standard formats and directly integrable with game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine and design software like Blender.

Our dApp allows developers to save time and costs while maintaining their workflow and creativity. By providing an app that encapsulates AI-driven transformation in a user-friendly interface, NeuralAI supports artists, designers, and developers to innovate and experiment with 3D content creation.

TAO Miner Templates

In collaboration with AKASH Network we are renting GPU power configured with ready TAO miner templates. This offers a solution for need of on-demand extra computing power with the added benefit of earning by mining TAO. The GPUs provided will be suitable for a variety of heavy tasks ranging from deep learning and rendering to complex simulations and more, providing the performance necessary to pivot. With the streamlined plug-and-play solution to getting TAO mining operations up and running, developers can essentially get rewarded as they carry out their everyday tasks.

NeuralAI will be providing a robust solution for computational capabilities without the heft investment in hardware. Additionally, our GPUs for rent will be token-gated by our token $NEURAL.

Expanding GPU Streaming [Research Ongoing]:

GPU streaming uses the power of cloud computing to offload the heavy lifting of graphics processing from local devices to more powerful, remote servers. This technology channels the capabilities of high-end GPUs into users' devices, effectively bypassing the need for costly hardware upgrades. For gamers, this means enhanced graphics, smoother gameplay, and faster response times, all without the need to invest in expensive hardware.

NeuralAI is committed to exploring the full potential of GPU streaming and search for solutions to challenges such as latency and bandwidth requirements. The need for efficient data compression and improving network protocols to minimise latency is crucial for real-time applications like gaming and live video editing.

3D Asset Marketplace for NeuralAI creations

Are you excelling in creating 3D assets but find yourself between projects? Or perhaps you're eager to channel your creative talents into helping others bring their visions to life? By listing your 3D game assets on the NeuralAI Marketplace, you can contribute to gaming and other creative projects and earn in doing so.

Revenue Generation Strategy

To strategically enhance revenue generation for both creators and the platform, the NeuralAI Marketplace will implement a 5% transaction fee on sales made through the platform.

Key Features of the NeuralAI Marketplace

The NeuralAI Marketplace is designed to transcend traditional asset exchange platforms by providing a dynamic ecosystem to streamline the creative process:

  • Tokenization: Creators can convert their digital assets into tradable items. The platform facilitates the instant tokenization of 3D models and other digital creations into non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

  • NFT Generation: With just a click, digital creations are recorded on the blockchain, which secures their authenticity and protects ownership rights.

  • On-Demand 3D-ification: Enables creators to transform their designs into 3D models on the platform, significantly boosting their marketability and usability in industries like game development and movie production.

Utility for $NEURAL

  • $NEURAL Transactions: All transactions are conducted using $NEURAL.

  • 50/50 Revenue Share: Transaction fees on the marketplace are equitably distributed:

    • 2.5% Holder Rewards: Owners of $NEURAL tokens receive 2.5% of all marketplace transaction fees.

    • 2.5% Project Growth: The other 2.5% of the transaction fees are reinvested into the NeuralAI ecosystem.

The NeuralAI Marketplace is crafted to serve as a pivotal hub for creators to not only showcase and monetize their 3D generated assets but also to engage with the community, driving innovation forward.

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