🎮Incubation Program

Projects incubated by NeuralAI will come with direct benefits for $NEURAL holders and aims grow our community and ecosystem.

Are you a gaming project founder and looking for support to bring your vision to the next level? Our incubation program is designed to support and accelerate the development of innovative Web3 and Web2 games, helping founders turn their visionary concepts into reality. Getting incubated by NeuralAI means access to a wide network of influential and experienced profiles along with the technical and marketing resources you need to pivot your team and project.

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Are you developing a game and looking for support to bring your vision to the next level and go to market? The NeuralAI incubation program is aimed at supporting growth in the gaming sector and support projects all the way from development stages to going public. This initiative targets unreleased games across all genres and networks, and speeds up your development and progress from day one.

  1. Guidance to refine your game’s mechanics and story, we work closely with you to fine-tune the core gameplay mechanics and narrative elements of your game making it align with your target audience.

  2. Development support for integrating blockchain. Get specialized support to integrate blockchain technology effectively into your gaming platform.

  3. Strategies to build a robust game and token

    economy. We guide you in developing a sustainable 3 token economy to boost engagement and retention.

  4. Exposure to our network of industry leaders and investors. Gain access to a wide network of industry leaders and investors keen on gaming projects.

Our Approach

At NeuralAI, we specialize in nurturing and advancing the development of gaming projects in development. We empower developers by transitioning their skills from conventional environments to the blockchain, overcoming industry disconnections and enhancing both user experience and market readiness. We assess and address the unique challenges faced by your project, designing customized solutions and strategies for success.

Our long-term support ensures your game is delivered as promised, focusing on quality and player satisfaction over simple profitability. We are dedicated to your project’s success from conception through launch and beyond, ensuring every game we incubate has the best possible outlook for success.

What we do

We specialize in propelling Web3 and Web2 gaming projects by providing support across key areas of development. From crafting and executing marketing strategies to designing token economics and optimizing game mechanics, our team ensures every aspect of your project is covered.

• Developing and executing your go-to-market strategy

• Creating token economics and game economy

• Development and revising game mechanics

• Building and growing your community efforts

• Supporting and proposing product development

• Marketing and networking connections and support

• Providing funding opportunities and connections

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