๐Ÿช™NEURAL Token

The crypto token of NeuralAI is $NEURAL on the Ethereum blockchain. $NEURAL is a gateway for the services and ecosystem as a whole provided via NeuralAI. Beyond the utility of token-gating, transactional utility spanning the marketplace and GPU rental service plays a key part in community growth and incentive.

$NEURAL Utility

Token Gating: Hold $NEURAL for access to its services.

GPU Rental Payments: $NEURAL will be the primary currency for renting GPU power via NeuralAI.

Staking Rewards: Holders can stake $NEURAL to earn rewards, encouraging long-term holding and reducing market sell pressure.

Discounted Rates for Holders: Users holding $NEURAL will receive discounts on GPU rental fees.

Marketplace Revenue Share: 50% of the 5% transaction fees collected by the marketplace are directly redistributed to $NEURAL holders.

NeuralAI Vanguard Program: 100% of the NeuralAI Platform Revenue Share for Top 100 Holders. Our Vanguard program is designed to allocate 100% of the platform's profit generated from GPU rental services equally among the top 100 $NEURAL holders. This initiative is for our most supportive and influential backers, who also actively contribute to the platform's liquidity and volume.

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