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Producing 3D models is traditionally expensive and time-consuming. NeuralAI leverages generative artificial intelligence to enable text-to-3D and image-to-3D, reducing costs, time, and complexity. Produce refined 3D models ready for integration with game engines and design software from one intuitive interface powered by advanced machine learning. The potential applications of NeuralAI are vast, and can serve as a backbone to supercharging development of games, movies, and broader creative industries.

With the accelerated 3D model creation process of NeuralAI, developers can automate 3D content generation at scale. By bypassing manual modelling processes and the need for extensive design teams NeuralAI makes 3D creation faster and cheaper, without neglecting quality standards.

Iterate at higher speed

Thanks to the speed in creating a 3D model with NeuralAI creators can now iterate at a higher rate than before, making more room for constant experimentation for the ideal match to their vision. The only direct limitation is a developers imagination. Transform textual prompts and uploaded media into vivid 3D assets exportable in industry standard formats enabling direct integration to the 3D software or game engine of choice.

Biττensor Subnet for AI 3D Modelling

NeuralAI is building the 3D AI Biττensor subnet as part of our focus on cost-reduction and quality upholding, aspiring to become the first official Biττensor subnet for 3D asset generation. This will lead to miners (3D asset generators) getting rewarded for mining NeuralAI tasks for the best outcomes. As validators tendency to improve over time this makes for a cycle of improvements while allowing for expansion of our resources in the network.

Additional ventures in 3D

There are several natural uses for NeuralAI and its features that seamlessly merge with the model and vision at large. Besides 3D asset creation, one of these ventures is to allow users to freely trade their creations on the NeuralAI designated marketplace. By doing so there are endless possibilities in helping developers and creators of different industries accelerate their projects with easy access to ready 3D assets. This saves time and cost once again for developers both indie and studios, and carries the potential to boost the pace of game development and other creative industries at large.

Besides offering a powerful toolkit through our decentralized application (dApp) for 3D asset generation, NeuralAI sets out to accomplish numerous other ventures as part of its broader mission. Read more about them and what NeuralAI stands for in the documentation at hand. Enjoy! Besides offering the 3D asset toolkit, NeuralAI sets out to provide mining templates for TAO miners. In short, this means that anyone can rent a GPU via NeuralAI that is ready from the get-go to start mining TAO and support the network. On the player side, NeuralAI is exploring the possibilities of leveraging GPU streaming. This would enable gamers with local hardware limitations to insert high-quality GPU power directly into their device.

NeuralAI has set out to transform words into 3D experiences and reduce the gap between indie game developers and established AAA game studios. Start building more efficiently with NeuralAI and help us in our mission to eliminate the painful traditional barriers of cost and time when it comes to 3D asset creation.

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